Leadership Workshop

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Current Registration:

  1. Balan Swaminathan
  2. Debby Blentzas
  3. Priya Dhanapal
  4. Chellaa Chellaiah Pitchaiah
  5. Joy Marylin Balan
  6. Ben Madukkamoottil
  7. Geetha Kallada
  8. Dahn Balan
  9. Sandra Thiviam
  10. Rajeelu Mattipally
  11. John Nakka
  12. Vijaya Somabathula
  13. Nirthiya Jothiraj
  14. Luder Chandran
  15. Daniel Woods
  16. Prathima Golla
  17. Daxa Popat
  18. Rishabh Dev
  19. Jomini Mathew
  20. Laila Guinsiman
  21. Amar Nazir
  22. Angeline Benjamin

What is leadership?

  • Leadership is an ability we need to develop
  • Leadership is working with people
  • Leadership is setting goals and achieving
  • Leadership is moving forward
  • Leadership is taking people along with us
  • Leadership is obeying the great commission “making disciples”

Who can attend?

  • Anyone who is interested to learn more about leadership
  • Anyone who is currently in a leadership role at your workplace
  • Anyone who is already in a leadership role at the church
  • Anyone who is willing to lead or involve in the ministry
  • Anyone who is thinking what can you do for God in the rest of your days

Who must attend?

  • Anyone who is willing to be a ministry leader at the church such as Children Ministry, Youth Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Worship Ministry, Benevolent Ministry, Preaching Ministry, Small Group Leaders, Senior’s Ministry, Men’s & Women’s Ministry, Malayalam Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Volunteer Ministry, etc.

What will you get? (All for Free)

  • Tea, Coffee and Lunch
  • All materials (handouts)
  • Certificate of Attendance

Sample workshop outline (not the exact one, few topics that may be covered)

  • Understand the leader within you (strength, style, passion, vision)
  • Personal character & attitude development
  • How to become a people person
  • Managing priorities
  • Effectively managing change within and outside
  • Servant leadership
  • Christ like leadership
  • Modern leadership concepts
  • Setting personal development goals

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