Your Future Plans

The Apostle James is giving guidelines on how to plan for our future in James 4:13-16. We are totally incapable of planning for our future as this life is passing and we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. James is advising us not to predict tomorrow, instead we ought to say that I don’t know my tomorrow and I am totally depending on God.—-more—- Trying to plan our future based on the predictions and our knowledge without knowing God’s will is considered as arrogance and is a sin in the sight of God. Here are the highlights of the sermon.
1. We plan our lives based on what we know
2. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow
3. Our life is passing, there is no way we can plan anything beyond today
4. God’s plan for us is totally different from what we have planned for our future
5. Going ahead with our plans, not knowing God’s will is considered as boasting and is evil.

Listen to the sermon to know more on how to plan our future.

Seeing the Unseen

We are living in a time when we get easily discouraged if we look at the things which are seen. Paul is urging us to look at the things that are unseen. We need eyes of faith to see the things that are unseen and eternal in nature. Paul is also warning about the deceptive nature of our senses and the temporary nature of what is seen.—-more—-

Let us understand as Paul talks about the
1. Perishing nature of human body and the renewing nature of inner man
2. Afflicting nature of this world and the rewarding nature of heaven
3. Tangible nature of this life and the unseen nature of eternity

Why are we discouraged and how can we overcome the discouragement.
1. We worry about this perishing body, but God wants us to work towards renewing the inner man
2. We worry about the afflicting nature of this world, but God is asking us to think about the rewarding nature of heaven
3. We try to satisfy all the senses of our body, but God is asking us to try seeing what is unseen.
4. We think everything around us is permanent. No, its all going to go away from us, what is unseen is permanent and eternal.

Listen to the sermon and be encouraged to continue to do what you are expected to do.

See, Sense & Respond

God wants us to see what is happening around us, sense the time that we are living in and respond to the needs of people. As there are many out there living in hopelessness. Be the one who provided hope of eternity to those who are living in darkness. Listen to the sermon to understand the way Jesus was ministering to the paralytic as he was brought to Jesus.—-more—-

Four men saw the paralytic, sensed the need and responded by carrying him to Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, He sensed the opposition and the need and responded with words of forgiveness and healing. God wants us to see the hurting , sense the time we are living in and lead them to the one who gives eternal hope.


When Jesus performed the miracle of feeding 5000 plus people, Bible says, after the miracle took place, the disciples gathered twelve baskets full of fragments that remained. Fragments are the result of breakage. Any kind of breakage leaves fragments. Life events are capable of breaking our lives and leaving fragments.God wants to do something meaningful and beautiful with the leftover fragments of your life. Listen to the sermon.—-more—-

Sermon outline:

• Fragments are the broken pieces of the bread
• Fragments represent our lives as we are also broken in every way
Fragments have no specific shape
• Jesus didn’t make fragments.
• Fragments have no specific shape as they are broken pieces of the original substance.
• Fragments can fit into any basket or container because of their shapelessness and size.
Fragments are made of the same material
• Even though you are broken, still you are called to be what God wants you to be.
• Those gifts may be dormant in your life, God will revive them
• Still you are a child of God
Fragments can feed the dogs (gentiles), not the children
Today’s Gentiles:
• Non-Christians
• Outcasts & Neglected
• NexGen Kids
Your Ministry is
• Not inside four walls
• Christianity is already saturated
• Christians don’t need you