Your Situation Doesn’t Matter

We understood that “our situation doesn’t matter” from the life of Daniel.
For a child of God, when you are in the middle of an adverse situation, your situation doesn’t matter for you. Because you are in God’s hands. We structed our sermon as below.
1. Your Situation Doesn’t Matter for You
   a. Daniel Was Trapped (Daniel 6:4-9)
   b. Situation Did not Change Daniel (Daniel 6:10
-12) —-more—-
2. Your Situation doesn’t Matter to God
   a. Man cannot Deliver (Daniel 6:14
   b. Only God can Deliver (Daniel 6:18
– 23)
In closing, we asked these questions.
• What are those traps in which you have fallen?
• What are those areas where you already compromised?
• What are those men pleasing moments of your life?
• What are those power hungry and money thirsty decisions you made?
• When are those moments men appeared to be helping more than God?
• When are those moments you depended on people than God?
• You may not see an angel, but are you still trusting in God? Your miracle cannot come from man, it has to come from God.

Revive the Dead Faith

This is what we learned through this sermon:
• Faith without action is a dead faith, we must put our faith in action.
• Law cannot justify anyone, but faith followed by work or action justifies.
• We will not see the breakthrough unless we put our faith in action
• Jesus didn’t heal the blind man instantly by his faith, healing took place when he put his faith in action by walking towards the pool of Siloam and washing his eyes. —-more—-
• You have been praying for that particular miracle, you have enough faith for the miracle, but still it is not happening until you put your faith in action.

God wants us to revive, activate the dead faith that is within us. Listen to the sermon to learn more about this powerful scriptural truth.

Given to be Taken Away

In Jonah Ch.4, he was upset, angry and went out of the city to isolated himself. He was further upset and angry when the shelter that he made and the shade that God had given were taken out of him. In those moments of frustration and disappointment, God works in our lives to show what kind of people are we and what kind of God we serve.—-more—-

We make shelters around us such as distraction and finding our own solution to escape anxiety, frustration, and anger. God may give shelters around us such as the earthly blessings that we enjoy. But we need to remember that they are given to be taken away. When they are taken out of us, we know Him better as Jonah came to know that He is a compassionate God when what he got were taken out of him.

Refuse to be Discouraged

In times like this, it is easy for anyone to get discouraged. You don’t really need to do anything to get discouraged. You just give into the situation, listen to the news and analyze the statistics, you will see discouragement building up within you. God wants us to refuse to be discouraged. If we don’t refuse to be discouraged, discouragement is going to have very serious consequences in the lives of God’s children. —-more—-Few such consequences are discussed in detail here.
1. Discouragement breeds worry & anxiety, frustration & hopelessness
2. Discouragement takes you off of God’s plan (vision and goals)
3. Discouragement makes everything go wrong
4. Discouragement is very contagious

Listen to the sermon to know how important it is for us refuse to be discouraged.

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Psalm 19:7-11 is the most comprehensive statement regarding the Sufficiency of Scripture. Scripture is complete in itself, has everything that is needed for one’s spiritual life.
Here are the highlights of this sermon.
• There is nothing else that needs to be revealed to humanity about God or His plan for the human race other than what is already revealed in the Book. —-more—-
• The Bible is all that is necessary for the believers to understand the character of God, the nature of man, and the doctrines of sin, heaven, hell, and salvation through Jesus Christ.”
• There is nothing else we need to know about God other than what is written.
• No human addition is required to make scripture better. Scripture is all sufficient, nothing more is needed.
• Spiritual gifts are an attack on Scriptural Sufficiency as they are capable of producing fake devotion, cause excitement and make people to go behind the gifts forgetting the All Sufficient Word of God. Long for Scripture than Gifts.
• Be careful about the non-Biblical writings such as the “lost books of the Bible” and the non-canonical Gospels. They lack Apostolic or Prophetic Authorship. They contain unbiblical concepts and some serious historical inaccuracies. Avoid reading them, even if you read for knowledge sake, read with a lot of discernment.
• Any book other than the Word of God if we read or sermon we listen to, can put us in danger of hell fire if not properly discerned as they can never replace the Scripture that is bound between two covers and given in our hands.