Ask For – Open Hands

Today we need to Ask God For Open Hands. The harvest is plentiful, Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”
• Open Hands are not busy, but are available for God’s Work and to serve others
• Open Hands are Held up, not let down so that enemy doesn’t prevail—-more—-
• Open Hands release resources, people and gifts to others, they don’t Hold.
Listen to the sermon to know how important it is to pray for Open Hands and to have Open Hands to be used by God.

Ask For – Open Heaven

Open heaven is essential in order to receive both spiritual and material blessings. We will have Open Heaven above our lives when
• We do what is Fitting, even though it may not be the best and desired
• We Give according to the Biblical Life principle of tithing
• We Obey God by changing our rebellious and stubborn nature—-more—-
Listen to the sermon to know how to keep the heaven above your life open in order to receive the blessings that you have been waiting for a long time.

Ask For – Open Hearts

God wants us to have a open heart towards Him and with others so that we can receive life from God and be a life giver to others. Open heart is the one that receives and gives. Here is the summary of the sermon.
– Open Heart Receives God’s Word
– Open Heart Receives God’s Will—-more—-
– Open Heart Gives Life in Words
– Open Heart Gives Life in Action
– Open Heart Gives Life through Sacrifice
Listen to the sermon to know more about Open Heart and Ask God For Open Heart.

Ask For – Open Doors

God wants us to Ask For – Open Doors. When we ask,
1. He will open the door in the midst of our enemies
2. Door of great opportunity will open for us
3. Only prayer could open the closed doors
4. God opens doors when we are found faithful with our little strength—-more—-
Prayer is the Key to open closed door.
1. Pray for the door of promotion to open
2. Pray for the door of breakthrough to open
3. Pray for the door of fruitfulness to open