Is it Strange to Feel Lonely?

Feeling lonely is not that strange and weird. Loneliness is not God’s choice
• Jesus not only understands our loneliness, he also destroyed it.
• God is not the reason for your loneliness: Loneliness is not a bad thing
• Your loneliness can help you to achieve what you wanted to achieve in life
• Your loneliness can help you to define and re-define your calling—-more—-
• Your loneliness can enlarge your heart to love others
Holy Spirit is our helper always with us to remove our loneliness.

Is it Strange to Feel Rejected?

The feeling of rejection is not uncommon. Even though the feeling of rejection is painful, our God had already experienced rejection and who is able to reverse every rejection into a blessing if you are willing to remove the feeling of rejection from your heart. Listen to the sermon to know how we could do this.—-more—-
• God can reverse your rejection into a blessing.
• Whatever rejection you are going through today, do not allow that to damage your life.
• Rejection is painful, its frustrating, do not try to transfer that pain and frustration to others.
• Your rejection can trigger God’s favor on you.
• Allow God to turn your rejection into compassion to make a difference in others lives.
• Do not allow your rejection to turn into bitterness.
• Your rejection has to be dealt with, otherwise its going to hide in your heart and show its ugly head in the next opportunity.
• If you allow even a tiny bit of rejection to stick into your soul, its going to infect your soul, your hurt is going to control you and poison all the relationships around you.
• If you still carry the feeling of rejection within you, it allows a foothold for the enemy in your life.
• According to John 10:10
enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, enemy will convince you saying – you are unloved, you are unworthy, you are unaccepted.
But if you give all your rejections to God, He will reverse them into blessings.

Is it Strange to Get Frustrated?

It is not strange to get frustrated. Frustration is a normal human response. But God doesn’t want us to continue in our frustrations.
• Frustration of being trapped in the middle
• Frustration of dissatisfaction
• Frustration of dealing with the family members—-more—-
• Frustration of dealing with negativity or pessimism
• Frustration of dealing with opposition
Frustration doesn’t lead us anywhere, we need to ask for God’s grace to handle frustrations and lay our burdens on Jesus to find rest.

21 Days Fasting Prayer – May 2021

Dates: May 1, 2021 to May 21, 2021 (everyday)
Time: 8:00pm ADT/7:00pm EDT/4:30am (India) to 9:00pm ADT/8:00pm EDT/5:30am (India)
Zoom Connection Link –

Prayer Focus:

Week 1-The Power of Praises and Thanksgiving

Day 1-Psalm 145-I Exalt You, My God the King
Day 2-Psalm 19-The Heavens Proclaim the Glory of God
Day 3-Psalm 107-Give Thanks to the Lord for His Unfailing Love
Day 4-Psalm 103-Bless the Lord, O My Soul
Day 5-Psalm 98-Sing to the Lord a New Song
Day 6-Psalm 95-Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down
Day 7-Psalm 150-Let Everything that Has Breath Praise the Lord

Week 2-Consecration and Anointing

Day 8- Confession & Repentance – Psalm 51
Day 9-Forgiveness & Restoration- Psalm 32
Day 10-Humbleness Philippians 2:1-18
Day 11-Holiness – Psalm 15 & Isaiah 6
Day 12-Love of God – 1 John 2; 1 Cor 13
Day 13-Fruit of the Spirit -Galatians 5:21-22; Romans 12
Day 14-Gift of the Spirit – Acts 1:8; 1 Corinthians 12

Week 3-Deliverance and Protection

Day 15-Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-18
Day 16- Freedom from Fear – Psalm 27
Day 17-A Prayer for Protection from Enemies- Psalm 35
Day 18-The Lord Is Your Keeper- Psalm 121
Day 19-Dwelling in the Shelter of the Most High – Psalm 91
Day 20-The Conqueror’s Song of Praise and Hope – Psalm 18
Day 21- Our Stronghold- Psalm 59