Peter’s Shoes

Peter committed a great sin of denying the Lord. That sin resulted in guilt & shame leading him to quit. This sermon is a call to invite you to put yourself in Peter’s shoes to understand the emotional struggles Peter went through after committing sin. This sermon will encourage you to understand and support those who are walking in Peter’s shoes. —-more—-This sermon also teaches us not to be hard on ourselves when we handle guilt in our lives, instead to handle guilt with much grace and compassion.

Run the Race that is Set Before You

As we run our race, we either look at other’s race or we allow others to control our race.
• Do not look at other’s race to compare, worry and try to run like them.
• Do not allow others to control your race by their opinions and ideas.
• Do not run to please people than pleasing God.—-more—-
• Do not run to win their favor, win God’s favor.
• Do not allow others to distract you while running your race.
You can easily lose your reward by listening to people if you don’t listen to the Holy Spirit.

Prepare to End

The question is, “Why are we afraid of death and why do we struggle to handle the pain of losing our loved ones?”

Here are the highlights of the sermon:
• If our love on God is deep enough, we will be well prepared to handle the end days of our lives or the lives of our dear ones.
• Your deep love is only for God, rest of your love for human must be shallow.—-more—-
• Our love cannot be concentrated around our family, it is to spread among those who are in touch with us.
• Paul says, When one member suffers, all the members suffer, He is not talking about Blood Relation here.
• God doesn’t expect you to grieve different when your family member is lost than how you grieve for the loss of your fellow believer.
• When our God, the Father and Son Jesus love others, how can we, His followers are unable to love others? There is something wrong in the way we follow God.
• When we love God, when we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we will face death with no fear, and we will handle the loss with much grace and hope.

When Faith is Overtaken

What can you do when your faith is overtaken by situations, feelings & emotions and denials?
• When situations are adverse,
• When feelings and emotions burst out of your heart,
• When your prayer is not answered,—-more—-
Do not let your faith go down.
Remember, God’s power works the best in your adversities, in your tears and in your loses. Listen to the sermon to know how to handle such moments in life.

Grieving With Hope

Here are the highlights of the sermon:
• Having deep faith in Christ doesn’t prevent one from grieving.
• We don’t grieve like the rest of the people do, but we do grieve with hope
• Do exactly what Jesus did in times of loss – Grieve with those who grieve, but grieve with hope.—-more—-
• We are not afraid of death as death has no power in us
• Bring this hope and comfort to those who are not grieving with hope.
Listen to the sermon to know how to handle grief.