Summer VBS 2021

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Insulted and Offended

Here is the highlight of the sermon.
1. Do not allow pain to settle down in your heart when those who are dear to you raise against you
2. When frustrations mount up, you feel like escaping, but hold on, God is causing confusion among your enemies and they are going to run away in seven ways—-more—-
3. Remember, God needs you, You need you and Others need you, so take a good care of you when you are insulted and offended
4. Forget revenge, not even have a bad attitude when something happens to your enemy, instead, give him bread to eat and water to drink.

Listen to the sermon to learn more on this topic.

One Step At A Time

For some reason God doesn’t tell what is far ahead of us instead God shows us only one step at a time. We need to know just one step, not miles ahead.
God shows only one step because,
• We need to know what is just in front of us—-more—-
• Next step is crucial for the rest of the steps
• We need to live our today
God doesn’t show miles ahead because,
• We worry about our future
• We become self sufficient
• We grow in maturity as we walk

Changing Your Destiny

God wants you to rise, take up your bed and walk so that your destiny can be changed. We learned couple of truths from John ch.5 as part of this sermon.
Truth #1 – Your destiny is not going to change unless you are willing for a change—-more—-
Truth #2 – It is time to pickup your bed, say good bye to your past where there is no hope and move forward
Truth #3 – Do not allow others, past failures, self pity and bitterness to prevent you from moving forward
If you are, willing to change and willing to leave your past, now you must be willing to step into your new future. Now that you got unstuck from your past, God wants you to take actions towards moving into your future without getting afraid of failures. Your past failure, self pity and resentment or bitterness can stop you from moving forward towards your new destiny. Deal with them with the help of God, He will help you to change your destiny.

Seeing God Through Cloud and Fire

God appeared to children of Israel in the wilderness and went before them as a Pillar of Cloud by Day and a Pillar of Fire by Night. Understanding the nature of cloud and fire helps us to understand the nature of God himself.
Cloud Hides, Fire Reveals – God protects as a mother hen protects her chicks, God also reveals His plans concerning your future—-more—-
Cloud Cools, Fire Heats – God comforts you like a mother, but at the same time he rebukes and instructs us to correct ourselves
Cloud Produces, Fire Consumes – When we obey God, He gives us everything, but when we disobey Him, He destroys what is given.
The same God who protects also reveals, same God who comforts also rebukes, the same God who grows also destroys.