Living Through the Seasons | Fall/Autumn

1. Fall reminds us to let things go
– Not to fully indulge and give ourselves to the world
– Let go the hurt and bitterness, ego, selfishness, desire to possess and our past
– Reminds us to forget those which are behind and reach those which are ahead—-more—-
2. Fall reminds us the impermanence of life
– Do not think about your past, do not worry about your future, live your today.
– Everything we do is going to perish, only what we do for Christ is going to remain for ever
– What do you do for God?
3. Fall is a time of great reward
– Your reward for all your hard work is coming, but you have to wait until fall
– Be strong, do not stop doing the good work, you will be rewarded soon
– God knows the intention of your heart, your work will be rewarded accordingly

Living Through the Seasons | Summer

1. Summer is a season of growth and expansion
– Growth is inevitable during summer.
– If Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man, we must grow.
– What steps are you taking towards growth?—-more—-
2. Weed & Pests thrive in Summer
– Weeds are certainly a threat to your growth.
– Weed could be wrong thoughts, wrong ideas, negativity, insecurity & fear.
– What are the weeds and pests in your life affecting your growth?
3. Extreme heat is a threat during Summer
– Extreme heat not only stops growth, it also destroys what was grown over many years
– Unless you are determined to grow, the extreme heat conditions of laziness, procrastination, life events, fear, your immediate needs will stop growth.

Living Through the Seasons | Spring

1. Spring is a season of cleansing and restoration
-God wants us to have true heart, strong in faith, sprinkled with His blood and washed by His Word, renewed and restored.
2. Spring makes everything new and fresh again
-Spring is a time of sowing fresh seeds, getting new ideas and making use of every opportunity.—-more—-
-Spring is a time to raise next generation to seek and follow God.
-Spring is a time of multiplication and spreading the seed everywhere.
3. Spring renews relationships
-Spring is a time to strengthen the intimacy in your relationship and also to see where we stand with respect to our love relationship with our God.

Living Through the Seasons | Winter

Winter is known for,
1. Shorter days and longer nights God wants us to work when it is day as night is coming and no one can work.
2. Keeping oneself closer to a heat source during the times of trouble, its better to walk closer to God than going away from Him—-more—-
3. Plants and trees going dormant and animals hibernating Your waiting is not going to be for ever, spring is around the corner. God is going to lift you up.