Providential Protection | Protection

Wherever we are, dangers are always around us. Psalm 121 gives us an assurance of God’s Providential Protection. As David says,
– We must know where to find help (V1-2)
– Once we know, we must go there to get help (V3-8) Psalm 121 assures the following types of protection.—-more—-
– Protection when we are careless
– Protection when we are tired and low in faith
– Protection from celestial influences
– Eternal protection
– Protection in all your ways

A Mighty Fortress | Protection

Psalm 46 portrays A God who is in our troubles, A God who is in our midst and A God who is in our battles.
– God is in our troubles as our refuge, our strength and our very present help in trouble
– Because God is in our midst, there is gladness, we will not be moved and He will do it for us in the right time.—-more—-
– As God is in our battles, we behold, stand still and know that He is your God.

Divine Travel Protection | Protection

Psalm 91 Summarized:
– God has a peculiar care for His own people.
– God provides a supernatural protection over His people in this journey.
– The same Psalm that brings protection over our family can bring disaster if we test God. His promises are given for us to trust Him, not to test Him.—-more—-
– The same God who protected Israel and Jesus in the wilderness can preserve you as you walk over every obstacles and threats of life.
– Because you love God and you know Him, He bestows a special favor over you. That favor delivers you, lifts you up, honors you, gives you a long life and saves you eternally.

Spiritual Protective Objects (SPO)

Understand these Truths, only Truth can set you free.
– God is your Rock – You need to hide behind that rock for comfort, safety and strength.
– God is your Fortress/Stronghold – You need to come into that shelter to hide yourself from the attacks.—-more—-
– God is your Shield – Use the shield to protect from the attacks that are coming to destroy you
– God is your Horn – Allow the horn to smash, scatter and destroy the adversary who throws adversities in your life.