Priya Mahiban

Priya Mahiban is a native of Tamil Nadu, India, where she grew up and received her education. A wife and a mother of two beautiful children. She is an engineer by profession.

She accepted Jesus Christ as her savior in 2007 and moved to USA in 2008. She has been connected with HIPM prayer group since 2013.  God called her to prayer ministry in 2018, since then she is serving the Lord as part of the prayer ministry.

She enjoys family time to relax, loves to paint scriptures on canvas, reading and learning whatever she can to share with others.  She enjoys reading the Word of God with power, conviction, and simplicity at every opportunity that avails without compromise.

She has burden to pray for sick, she began to know with absolute certainty, that God has called her to pray for the physical healing of people.  Her ultimate desire is to see people getting healed, saved and experience the fullness of God’s promises in their lives.