Our Story

I, my wife Joy Marylin and my son Dahn are from the southern part of India. We moved to North America in the year 2006 on an IT consulting assignment carrying the same fire that caused us to serve the Lord in India. As the Lord burdened my wife to intercede for the perishing souls, ministries and ministers, nations and leaders, diseases and disasters, etc., we started this Prayer Ministry in the year 2006 at our home in Dallas, Texas. As we moved to Philadelphia in the year 2007, the Prayer Ministry became an online Prayer Conference for women where people from different states and even from other countries could connect and pray via telephone or internet. In the meantime, the Lord gave me an opportunity to complete my D. Min with the Colorado Theological Seminary. As we were waiting upon the Lord for further direction in our ministry, He opened the door for us to move to Canada. In Dec 2009, a consulting company from Fredericton offered me a position and came forward to move us to Fredericton, NB for a government project.

The Prayer Conference continued with greater vigor and we started Men’s Bible Study (Online) and Children’s Conference. God opened our eyes to see the vast land of Atlantic Canada and gave a burden to reach the Asian community of this land. We registered the ministry as House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries (HIPM) and started operating from Fredericton. Sunday Church Service and Bible Study were conducted at home. We visited major cities of Maritime (Moncton, Halifax and Charlottetown) every month to meet the Asian families and conduct Prayer Meetings. Over a period, God confirmed our call to work among the Asians. As we were praying about it, we got introduced to the Maritime District PAOC. Our vision and passion were well received and understood by the PAOC and the District initiated the process of awarding the appropriate credential and approval as required for the ministry. During our every visit to Halifax, God impressed upon the fact that He will be moving us to Halifax. We were not sure how and when God is going to do that. We were fasting and praying about it and waiting upon the Lord. I even expressed my inclination towards Halifax to my employer. Miraculously God opened the door and the same consulting company transferred me to Halifax for a long term project with the Department of Health & Wellness NS.

We moved to Halifax in the month of July 2011. All the activities of HIPM continued at our home except for the monthly Gospel Meeting that took place in St Andrews Community Center. We never realized that our vision will come true so quickly until we got our exclusive place of worship. We saw God’s favor as the Landlord came forward in helping us with the required infrastructure to setup the church. Since the beginning of September 2011, HIPM is operating as a PAOC Church in the Fairview area of Halifax. Every week we have the Sunday morning and evening services, Tuesday Bible Study, Saturday Fasting Prayer and 3rd Saturday Gospel Meeting in the Church in addition to the online activities such as the Women’s Prayer Conference, Men’s Bible Study and Children’s Conference. As you have seen, prayer has been the backbone of this ministry. There are prayer partners praying for this ministry every day. Over a period of time, we have seen many healing taking place, broken families joining together, lives being touched and changed and bondages have been broken by the power of prayer.

God has given us special burden to reach out the Asian families and the other immigrants, especially those who are trying to promote their false religion in the form of culture. Our heart breaks when we see Christians getting carried away so easily by the false teachings. Today it is a small congregation but with the eyes of faith we could see this little initiative growing as a PAOC ethnic church with its branches spreading out to reach the other maritime cities. When we turn back to see the way God brought us from India to Halifax, one thing we could say “It is not man, but God”. All glory belongs to Him alone! It is not going to be an easy walk. We will have challenges to handle and oppositions to face. But the one who called us is faithful and He will lead us till the end. We would not have come this far without the support and the encouragement of the PAOC. I thank the PAOC family for standing with us. Please remember HIPM in your prayers.

– Balan