Ask For – Open Doors

God wants us to Ask For – Open Doors. When we ask,
1. He will open the door in the midst of our enemies
2. Door of great opportunity will open for us
3. Only prayer could open the closed doors
4. God opens doors when we are found faithful with our little strength—-more—-
Prayer is the Key to open closed door.
1. Pray for the door of promotion to open
2. Pray for the door of breakthrough to open
3. Pray for the door of fruitfulness to open

Does Anyone Care?

Here are some of the thoughts that emerged out of this sermon. • God saw the struggles of your past.
• Even before you knew your God, He knew you
• The one who number the stars and calls them by name, knew your struggles of the past—-more—-
• You do not know what is ahead of you, but God knows
• Give all your Unknowns into the hands of the Known God who Knows your Future
• Hagar’s problem was different from your problem, but the same God who saw Hagar is seeing you today
• If you are called out of your country and wandering in this land as strangers and pilgrims, wilderness is part of your life.
But remember, He is your El-Roi, the God who sees.

Your Harvest Field

John 4:31-38 is a conversation Jesus was having with His disciples. These verses could be grouped as “My Food, My People and My Servants” Jesus is telling us the same thing that He told to the disciples the other day.
• Do not lose your spiritual sensitivity
• Do not ignore people, look for divine encounters, divine opportunities—-more—-
• Start loving this land, start loving the people who are not of your color, not your nationality and don’t speak your language
• Open your eyes to see the opportunity God has brought in front of you
• Your mission field is not within four walls, its outside the four walls
• The land you are living today, the land you are immigrating to is your Mission Field
• You are not just an international student, not just a sponsored immigrant or a permanent resident, none of us are permanent here.
• You are a missionary to this land, no question of turning back, you are called to run your race in this land, once its all done, get buried here in this land.
• This is the call of God on each one of you.

Eternal Praise

Praise is Eternal, the Praise that we start on this earth even in the midst of our challenges, wearing our sackcloth is going to continue into the Eternity as Eternal Praise as we will be clothed with the garment of Praise.

David is Praising God for the way God helped him in every situation. He revealed couple of truths concerning our lives and the way God works among us.—-more—-
• Depressing nature of Life
• Momentary sorrow that we experience
• The falling nature of man and the sudden nature of troubles
• The uselessness of Life once lived and the pricelessness of Life while living
• The ultimate deliverance of eternal praise raising when the garment of praise if put on and the sackcloth is permanently removed.

Following are some of the truths that are revealed in Psalm 30.
Truth #1 Life is depressing at times, but the God of David will not allow your enemies rejoice over you.
Truth #2 : God works through the momentary forsakenness, momentary affliction, momentary suffering and weeping that endures only for a night, to show the extent of His favor and to give the assurance of joy.
Truth # 3: The moment pride comes in our lives, moment we start depending on our strength, God hides His face.
Truth #4: Life is useless once lived only for the world, but it is priceless once lived for God.
Truth #5: The Praise that we started on the earth for the momentary deliverances is going to continue as Eternal Praise in heaven once the sackcloth is permanently removed and the garment of praise is put on for ever.

Usual & Unusual – Praise

This is what happens when we praise God according to Psalm 138.
• When we Praise for the ordinary, the extra ordinary will happen.
• When we Praise for the usual, the unusual will happen.
•When we Praise God Wholeheartedly, Unashamedly and Exclusively for the Usual things God has done, an Unusual Expectation, an Unusual Kindness, an Unusual Help and an Unusual Confidence comes from God.

Hallel (Praise)

The six Psalms 113-118 are known as the “Egyptian Hallel”. Psalm 113 is an introductory Psalm that could be divided into three sections as below.
• Praise Unbounded – There is no limit how much we can praise our God. God wants us to praise Him from morning till evening and forevermore.
• God Unconfined – Let’s not limit God with what we know, but allow God to work in and through our lives without any restrictions. —-more—-
• Favor Undeserved – Let God raise us from our situation to a much higher leave that we don’t even deserve. Let His favor remove the barrenness that is in our lives and produce more natural and spiritual children.
Here is the one line summary of Psalm 113 – When we raise Unbounded Praises to the Unconfined God, we will see the Undeserved Favor coming upon His People.

Creations Praise

Psalm 148 is the most solemn and earnest call to all the creations to praise the creator according to their capacity.
• Human is not the only creature that praises God, human is one among the many creatures that praise God.
• All creatures other than angels and human beings bring Glory to God by simply being themselves and fulfilling their God given roles in the created order. —-more—-
• When God expects all of His creations including angels, sun, moon and stars, sea creatures, birds and animals, kings, princes, judges, young and old, men and women, to praise Him, if we as human don’t praise Him, He will make the stones to cry out to Him.
He has exalted the horn of His people who praise Him and lifted them up with all honor, glory, strength and power.

Not Die, but Live to Praise

Psalm 146 could be summarized as below.
• If we Know our God (V 6-9) and Do What He Says (V3-5), we will not die, but we will Live to Praise Him (V1-2 & 10).
• We know Our God who is a Creator, Giver, Miracle Worker, Champion & Encourager, Guardian & Protector & Defender of Widows and Orphans.
• And if we do what he wants us to do by trusting Him and being Happy, We must not die, but live in order to praise Him.

Living Praise

In Psalm 71, David is painting a picture of life to portray how Praise is involved in all the phases of life right from birth till death. God wants us to praise Him continuously. Living Praise lives along with us all through our lives. Psalm 71 can be sectioned as below.
• Miracle of the Past – Start praising God for creating you, your children,—-more—- the unborn, still not conceived, those who failed to make it from the mother’s womb.
• Wonder of the Present – In the midst of adversities, hardships and trials, God can make you a wonder to many when your mouth is filled with – not evil words, not negative words, not empty words, but praises to God.
• Favor of the Future – Old age could be complex. You need God’s favor to survive in that age, and that favor comes from our continual praises to God.
• Purpose of the Rest – The purpose of the rest of your life is to declare God’s strength and power to the next generation. Ministering to your own children and involving yourself in children and youth ministry.

New Year Message 2021 | Return to the Stronghold

Zechariah 9:12 Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope. Even today I declare That I will restore double to you.
In this year 2021, God is extending an invitation for us to return to the stronghold, that is God Himself. Also God is declaring a double restoration for us. —-more—-If we return to the city of refuge, the Stronghold, we will see God’s favor in our lives as He is going to restore double of those things that we lost in the previous years.