The God of Good and Bad Times

One side we see people enjoying their lives in sinful pleasures who don’t seek God and on the other side we see multitudes living in sorrow, pain and agony who need God every moment. This has been the mystery of the ages.—-more—-

We see the contrasting actions and reactions of people as they were confronted with, either the pleasures and the celebrations of this world or the sufferings, persecutions and the loss of lives.

If good times remind you of God’s goodness, blessings and prosperity, bad times remind you of His grace, mercy and compassion.

He is the God of the Good times and the Bad times
He is the God of the Mountains and the Valleys of life
He is the God of the Day, but still He is the God of the Night too.
But, this is what you can do.
1. In good times do not forget His goodness
2. In bad times do not fail to embrace His grace

Your Morning is Coming

Are you tired of weeping in the night? Your morning is already coming. Experience the joy of the morning by doing the following.
1. Be found in the presence of the Lord
2. Be filled with the Holy Spirit
3. Be joyful in the day of the Lord
4. Be delighted in the Book of the Law

After you have Suffered a While

If you are broken, wounded, silenced, rejected, aborted, ill-fated, and currently suffering in your life, this sermon is for you. Please listen from I Peter 5:8-10.
• Remember the enemy is walking like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. —-more—-
• God wants you to resist him by standing firm in your faith.
• The devil is causing such sufferings among other families too.
• But God allowed that in your life with an intention of preparing you to take part in the eternal Glory with Christ Jesus.
• But after you have suffered a while, He is going to Perfect you, Establish you, Strengthen you and Settle you.

One Flock and One Shepherd

God is calling the church to shepherd the flock. The kind of shepherd God is looking for is according to John Ch.10 where Jesus portrayed himself as the true Shepherd, the Good Shepherd and the Shepherd who knows His sheep. We learned the following truths about shepherd from John 10. —-more—-
• Truth#1: Shepherds must be legitimate and must remain true to their call to be a shepherd.
• Truth#2: Good shepherds are passionate and zealous serving God and protecting their sheep
• Truth#3: Shepherds need to help people to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd.
• Truth#4: Shepherds must bring the lost sheep to the one flock under one shepherd
• Truth#5: Shepherds must raise more shepherds.

Father’s Heart

We never bother to take time to understand the heart of God. Lack of many good earthly fathers make us to reject the love and care of our heavenly Father.
We captured the heart of God through “The parable of the prodigal son” or “The Parable of the Lost Son” as recorded in Luke 15:11
-32. —-more—-
• Our heavenly Father’s heart is so Gentle
• Our heavenly Father’s heart is so Accepting
• Our heavenly Father’s heart is so Compassionate
• Our heavenly Father’s heart is so Giving
• Our heavenly Father’s heart is so Pleading If our heavenly Father’s heart is so, why do we harden our hearts today?

Knowing Your Call

We were taught on the topic of “Knowing Your Call” in a very practical way. We categorized the call of God into three major types/levels. Called to Save, Called to Serve and Called to Leave. Listen to the sermon to know more on these calls and to know how to recognize His call.
We ended this sermon with the practical questions. “God is calling us to save, serve & leave. Are we ready?” —-more—-
• What have you decided to do for him?
• What is your call to serve?
• Is God calling you to leave?

Living Through the Seasons

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: Here are the 4 truths about “Living Through the Seasons”
1. No matter what season you are in, its not going to last for ever
2. Prepare for the next season
3. Once happened, but now it doesn’t happen, because you are in a different season —-more—-
4. Seasons may begin and end, but life continues

God wants you to
1. Know that the season you are in now, is going to end soon
2. Get ready for the next season
3. Be planted in the river side (meditate the Word, trust God, allow Holy Spirit to work in you and be plated in the house of the Lord )

Why Are You Different?

Luke 5:33-39 (Parable of New and Old) Jesus said, no one puts a patch of new cloth on a old cloth. If someone does that the new makes a tear on the old one and the new patch doesn’t match the old one. No one puts new wine into an old wineskin. If someone does that, the new wine will burst the old wine skin, the wine will spill and the wineskin will be ruined.—-more—-

At the end of the sermon we were challenged to take action:
1. Impossibility of old and new existing together
• What is that old thing that must go away from you so that God can do something new?
2. Incompatibility of the new with the old
• What is that one thing of the past having a hold on you and is not allowing you to move ahead to receive the new blessings from God?
3. Inability to accept anything different.
• What is that one tradition that you have to change to inspire your children to follow God?
Please listen to the sermon to know more about what God is willing to do for you.

Obstacles of Living Your Dream

There are so many obstacles we face today to live our dreams. More than external obstructions the internal obstructions are more powerful and unknown for us unless told. It is worth taking time to find the obstacles that are inside so that we can live the dream we have for our lives. As each obstacle is explained, do not fail to take action to destroy these obstacles.—-more—-

Obstacles & Actions to destroy the Obstacles:
Obstacle – 1: Resistance
• Identify one resistance in your life that is not allowing you to live your dream
• Identify one area you are willing to change
Obstacle – 2: Fear of Failure
• Identify one initiative that you wanted, but never took because of fear of failure
Obstacle – 3: Fear of Rejection
• Identify one step that you wanted to take, but haven’t taken because you are afraid that people may reject you
Obstacle – 4: Fear of Success
• What is the wrong notion you have concerning becoming successful and raising above normal?
• Who is that toxic person in your life, who hate you being successful?
• What is that you wanted to start towards your success, but haven’t started?
Obstacle – 5: Laziness
• What is that one thing that you are not doing because of your laziness and willing to start now?

Your Situation Doesn’t Matter

We understood that “our situation doesn’t matter” from the life of Daniel.
For a child of God, when you are in the middle of an adverse situation, your situation doesn’t matter for you. Because you are in God’s hands. We structed our sermon as below.
1. Your Situation Doesn’t Matter for You
   a. Daniel Was Trapped (Daniel 6:4-9)
   b. Situation Did not Change Daniel (Daniel 6:10
-12) —-more—-
2. Your Situation doesn’t Matter to God
   a. Man cannot Deliver (Daniel 6:14
   b. Only God can Deliver (Daniel 6:18
– 23)
In closing, we asked these questions.
• What are those traps in which you have fallen?
• What are those areas where you already compromised?
• What are those men pleasing moments of your life?
• What are those power hungry and money thirsty decisions you made?
• When are those moments men appeared to be helping more than God?
• When are those moments you depended on people than God?
• You may not see an angel, but are you still trusting in God? Your miracle cannot come from man, it has to come from God.