Resurrection Sunday 2022 | Hope Beyond the Grave

Death is to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. We believe in the bodily resurrection because scripture says so. When resurrection takes place, this inferior body will be replaced with a glorious body. Those who believe in God, know God and work towards resurrection can take part in this glorious event. This is our hope beyond the grave.

Raising the Widow’s Son | Miracles of Elijah

Elijah was intentional and he wanted to be a solution in the situation, not to be a problem. How can you be a solution to the problems?
1. Do not neglect the problem
2. Don’t focus on the problem
3. Don’t fix the problem all alone—-more—-
Majority of the people on this earth have two major problems and the good news is that we have two solutions.
1. People are not knowing where to go and what to do – We need to shine light, as because of darkness they can’t see
2. People are not having any desire to go and desire to do – need to add flavor as they lost the taste for life. Jesus said in Matthew 5:13
-14 You are the salt of the earth 14 “You are the light of the world.

Flour & Oil Multiplied | Miracles of Elijah

God works in you to stretch you beyond your comfort zone as that’s where miracles happen.
– What is that little you still you see in you?
– What do you see beyond what you have in you?
– What are you going to do with what you have?—-more—-
– Are you willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone so that God can do something in you and through you
– Jesus obeyed and allowed himself to be stretched to do His Father’s will, are you willing to obey?

Drought & Rain | Miracles of Elijah

When your motives are selfless, when you depend on God for your daily miracle, not depending on your own strength, you can’t hear anything else than the voice of God. Once you hear God’s voice, humble yourself, pray for the vision to come true and be willing to work hard to achieve it.

Turn the Light On than to Curse Darkness

It’s better to turn the light On than to curse the darkness
• Spiritual darkness doesn’t allow us to connect with the true source of light. Spiritual darkness can be removed only by having proper relationship with God through prayer and His Word.—-more—-
• Intellectual darkness doesn’t allow us to function at the God given potential. We need that light, understanding and excellent wisdom that was in Daniel.
• Physical darkness doesn’t allow us to see the way God sees ourselves and others.
○ What is the call of God in your life and what are you doing about that?
○ Are you preparing yourself to fulfil God’s call in your life?
○ That requires tremendous commitment, dedication and sacrifice.
○ Are you willing to pay the price?
Are you willing to be found with God to receive light and with sinners to shine light as Jesus did.

Providential Protection | Protection

Wherever we are, dangers are always around us. Psalm 121 gives us an assurance of God’s Providential Protection. As David says,
– We must know where to find help (V1-2)
– Once we know, we must go there to get help (V3-8) Psalm 121 assures the following types of protection.—-more—-
– Protection when we are careless
– Protection when we are tired and low in faith
– Protection from celestial influences
– Eternal protection
– Protection in all your ways

A Mighty Fortress | Protection

Psalm 46 portrays A God who is in our troubles, A God who is in our midst and A God who is in our battles.
– God is in our troubles as our refuge, our strength and our very present help in trouble
– Because God is in our midst, there is gladness, we will not be moved and He will do it for us in the right time.—-more—-
– As God is in our battles, we behold, stand still and know that He is your God.