Church/Ministry Database (ChurchTrac)

Dear Church Congregation & Online Prayer Partners,

We never had a proper Church Database where all your information could be stored.  We recently purchased a Church Management Software known as “ChurchTrac” which will help us to maintain all your details.

You will be able to login to your profile once setup to access the following information.

  1. Make changes to your profile & your family profile details
  2. Upcoming Events you want to participate
  3. Access to confidential pages such as prayer requests, pledges, tax receipts, etc.
  4. Your up-to-date giving details, etc.  

In order to build this database, we need yours and your family’s details submitted to us.

You need to have a high quality photo of yourself and your family members individually and a family photo where all of you are together.  Once you keep these available, you can submit the details through the link below.  It can take around 10 to 15min. depending on your family size.  One member of the family can submit all the members details including children.

The earlier you submit, the sooner we can get the datbase ready.  Fix up a time, put this in your calendar to submit the data. 

Note: You don’t need to be a member of HIPM to submit this information.  If you receive this email, we need you because “You belong to the Family of God”.  God bless you and your family for standing with HIPM. We are praying for you.

My Special thanks to Liju/Jincy and Beena Babu for volunteering to test this form by submitting their data before sending it to you.

Balan Swaminathan, Lead Pastor
House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries -PAOC Church
261 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS B3M 2K5 Canada
Phone:(902)482-7393 | [email protected] |