COVID-19 – We are Moving Forward

Our church has taken proactive measures by cancelling all the live gatherings  to handle the COVID-19 situation in response to the government directives and Canada Public Health Agency recommendations.  That doesn’t mean that church is not happening.  We have almost all the activities going on as usual even though we don’t assemble in a common location.  The church has looked at the existing technologies and upgraded wherever needed to get the church to an online platform where the congregants would be virtually gathering.  Following are some of the arrangements in place for the church to move forward.   

1. Sunday Online Service:

We do Sunday morning online service in YouTube Live.  Congregants can participate being at the comfort and safety of their  residence.  The recorded live session is archived and made available in our YouTube channel for later viewing.   Click the image to connect to our online service that starts at 10:00 am ADT and 9:00am EDT on Sundays.


2. Tuesday Online Prayer:

Prayer is the key in times of crises.  Prayer does great things that we wouldn’t have imagined.  Every Tuesday the prayer team/intercessors join together and intercede for our own needs, ministry needs, the needs of the Global Workers and for the land.  Nowadays, we are motivated and led by the Holy Spirit to pray for the safety of the people and to pray against the plague that is spreading across the land.  Those who would like to be part of the prayer network can share your gmail address to the administrator in order to receive an invite to join.   

3. Young Adults Zoom

Most of the Young Adults, who are university students having either androids or iphones.  Zoom Groups is a great tool to keep them connected.  We can continue to discuss life issues, situations to deal with and Biblical perspective of such challenges.  These next generation kids are so precious and we can never miss meeting with them.  Their emotional and physical safety are so important for them to excel in their studies and career.  Click on the URL received through email to join zoom meeting.  

4. Connection Re-set

The current COVID-19 situation requires the church congregation not to meet on Sunday morning on a regular basis.  It also prevents pastor visiting their houses during the weekdays.  In order to facilitate this pastoral care ministry, church congregation is encouraged to come online face to face with pastor Balan and his wife Joy Marylin.  Zoom provides an online platform where this task could be accomplished.  Families and individuals could share their current health & employment situation with respect to COVID-19, concerns, prayer needs and could get counseled and prayed during the call. 

5. Online Giving

We have opened up many avenues for you to continue with your giving.  Your giving is so important at this moment as the church will continue to experience all the regular expenses.  Here are the different ways you can give your tithes, offerings, building pledges, etc.  Chose the one that is appropriate for you.  We will ensure that the donation amount is recorded, deposited into the church bank account and will be receipted at the end of the year.  



1. Email money transfer (only from Canadian banks)
You can do e-mail money transfer from your online bank account to the email id: [email protected]
2. PayPal (credit card or bank account)
You can also give through PayPal by clicking the button below.

3. CanadaHealps

For more information, please write to [email protected]

Pastor Balan Swaminathan
House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries (HIPM)
261 Bedford Hwy. Halifax, NS B3M 2K5 Canada.

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