Doctrine of Giving

Recently God put the desire in my heart to teach on “Giving”. I seldom preach about giving. We are blessed with a church that gives. But I believe God wants us to give with the complete understanding of the scripture. These teachings cover a wide range of truths and principles of giving. Listen to these sermons and come in grip with God’s Word that you may prosper financially.

Sermon 1/8 – Stewards not the owners
Sermon 2/8 – A giving God, a giving Christian
Sermon 3/8 – Unlocking the hidden treasure
Sermon 4/8 – Blessed to be a blessing
Sermon 5/8 – The law of Tithing
Sermon 6/8 – Principle of Sowing
Sermon 7/8 – The Five Offerings of Leviticus
Sermon 8/8 – Biblical Principles of Giving

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