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cameraOur TV Program “Beyond Boundaries” is available in EastlinkTV (Atlantic Canada) Ch.10 (SD) & 610 (HD) on every Sunday at 12:00 PM all across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, portions of Newfoundland and in Sackville, NB of Canada.

“Beyond boundaries” is a multicultural Christian church program brought to you by the House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries (HIPM), a multinational Pentecostal Christian Church located in the HRM.  This program has been designed with an intention of benefiting those who cannot participate in a regular Sunday worship service.  HIPM was founded by the immigrants from different parts of the globe, mainly from the Asian countries.  Each episode of this program contains a mix of clippings from their regular church services and exclusive captures for Eastlink TV.  The content of this program includes singing in different national languages, testimonies, interviews, children performance, inspiring messages and prayer.  Certainly this program is a demonstration of God’s love flowing beyond national, cultural, religious and ethnic boundaries.  Each episode will bring you great joy, peace of mind, spiritual nourishment, strength for today and a hope for tomorrow.


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1 Wayne Digby NS Canada My family has been Nova Scotians for many generations. I am an older man and a strong Bible reader. Must say- watching your television program was very inspiring. You folks for sure are one with one. God bless you all.
 2  Cameille  Halifax NS Canada