Emotional First Aid Kit-Self motivation

Prepared by: Grace George

Driving yourself to accomplish goals and tasks. 

Steps to Self Motivation 

  1. Start Small – Identify areas of trouble 
    1. What needs to be done and what is stopping you from doing it?
    2. This could be personal tasks or work related tasks.
    3. What is stopping you: Lack of motivation? Procrastination?
  2. Know who you are – Self Analyze 
    1. What personally motivates you?
    2. Do you work better in certain conditions?
    3. Do you need a routine?
  3. Change Attitude
    1. Try to keep a positive attitude. 
    2. See the good in bad situations 
  4. Simple goals and Simple “triggers” to pick you up
    1. Break up the task into smaller tasks 
    2. Set small goals and triggers to reach your ultimate goal
    3. Impose a deadline – Do not wait for the right mood
  5. Interact with family and friends 
    1. Motivate each other 
  6. Track progress – Analyze and Reflect 
    1. What works and what does not work?
    2. Take responsibility if you don’t reach you goal and set new goals to do better
  7. Reward yourself 
    1. Be kind to yourself