Emotional First Aid Kit

Emotional First Aid Kit – What it is?

Emotional First Aid Kit is a One Stop Solution to comfort, support, calm, and heal your body, mind and soul during challenging times.   The challenge can vary from workplace stress, recent trauma, sudden loss of loved ones, loss of physical health, accidents, a clinical diagnosis, lock down,  isolation, pandemic, natural disaster, famine, climatic changes or even without any cause of the distress.  Emotional First Aid Kit provides a set of  suggested practices, guidelines and behaviors to intervene your day to day approach to life.  This kit contains tools that you can pull out not to treat your physical wounds, but to fix your emotional injuries.  Most of the tools in this kit can be used to bring self awareness and to self-care your emotional and the impacted physical conditions by administering the solutions by yourself.  

Emotional First Aid Kit – Project team

HIPM Young Adults team members.

  1. Balan Swaminathan
  2. Grace George
  3. Hagen Goldwin
  4. Harshitha Clara Daniel
  5. Monica Sathuluri 
  6. Nissy Hariharan
  7. Orena Woods
  8. Sherie Ross
  9. Sabin Thirugnanam

Emotional First Aid Kit – Content

Here are the tools that you may require to work on your life in order to come out of your current state of emotional breakdown. Click on each items to navigate among these resources. 

  1. Word of God by Orena Woods
  2. Articles by Harshitha Clara Daniel &  Sabin Thirugnanam
  3. Tips for self-care by Monica Sathuluri 
  4. Socializing while isolating by Nissy Hariharan & Sherie Ross
  5. Stress – Side effects & Stress management by Grace George
  6. Hobbies by Monica & Orena
  7. TED Talks by Harshitha Clara Daniel & Grace George
  8. Playlist of songs by Monica Sathuluri & Harshitha
  9. Food by Hagen Goldwin
  10. Self motivation by Grace George