We invite you to join our Sunday morning Service.

North American Time Zones –  10:30am (NST), 10:00 am (AST), 9:00 am (EST), 8:00 am  (CST), 7:00am (MST) & 6:00 am (PST).

Indian Standard Time – Sunday 6:30 pm (Mar-Nov) or 7:30 pm (Nov-Mar) depends on Daylight Saving Time changes.

Click here for the direct link to HIPM Live in Youtube.

Click the settings icon  to set the quality of the video as 720p or 1080p to view HD quality. 

4 thoughts on “HIPM Live”

  1. Thank you very much Pastor Balan for the wonderful message. I am blessed to listen to it. Wishing my best for HIPM Ministries.

  2. I Praise and Thank God for he is our Deliverer.

    With so much pain and sorrow in my heart of losing Sis. Shalini, I sat down with my family to watch HIPM Sunday live.
    My kids were worshiping but I was in tears. After the worship, Pastor Balan was praying and binding all the spirits. I prayed with him and great peace filled my heart. Then during testimony, I could feel joy and happiness replacing every sorrow and pain. I praise and thank God for his Presence that filled me with overflowing joy. The Lord spoke to me about His Presence.

  3. I thank God for all his mercies..I was praying for God’s word for today as I was worshiping God through HIPM live service God spoke to me. My heart was heavily burdened and God’s word was “Come to me and I will give you rest”. I was so glad and experienced the rest that God gives during this Worship.

  4. On Sunday, Nov 13, 2016 live stream got interrupted due to reduced upload speed of the internet. We regret for the inconvenience caused. Live stream is back and functional as on Saturday, Nov 19, 2016.

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