Our Team

Lead Pastor: Balan Swaminathan (Founder)

For the past 22 years Balan worked in India, USA and Canada for various organizations until God called him to serve full-time in April 2013. From childhood onwards, the passion has been to live for Jesus and to do great exploits for His Kingdom. He was introduced to ministry at the age of 18. Since then, he worked with many pastors and ministers of God. Balan is currently serving as a Senior Pastor in the House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries (HIPM) in Halifax, NS Canada. He is a credential holder with the Maritime District of PAOC. He also holds a Doctor of Ministry (D. Min) Degree from Colorado Theological Seminary, USA.
His ministry areas include Bible teaching, prayer ministry, anointing ministry, healing ministry, spiritual counseling and church planting. His hobbies are driving, photography, web design and meeting new people.

You can listen to his testimony on how God called him to full-time ministry that was originally shared at HIPM on Jan 06, 2013.

Children’s Education Director: Joy Marylin (Co-founder)

After completing her Master Degree in Physics, Joy continued her education and acquired Bachelor of Education.  She worked as a teacher in couple of schools in India.  God has called her to work among children to care for them and to nurture them in the Word of God.  She obeyed the call of God to intercede and started the prayer conference in the year 2007.  Since then she has been coordinating the prayer activities of HIPM in the prayer conference as well as in the church.  Her passion has been raising prayer warriors, building prayer networks and working among children.  God has been using her in the worship ministry as well as in the ministry of the Word by encouraging believers to meditate on God’s Word.

Children’s Ministry Assistant (Part-time): Kaitlynn Keating

Kaitlynn Keating is currently a 3rd year student at Saint Mary’s University. She will be graduating in 2021 with a double major in Criminology & Psychology and also a Certificate in Forensic Science. Her passions include competitive volleyball, step dancing, and playing piano. She personally believe that one of her best qualities is her love for children and being able to help them improve and grow with respect.

She started hosting the Child Ministry Program at HIPM in her first year of university and have been working with them for 2 years now. She has created bonds with the children that she will cherish forever. She can say with certainty that she loves her job, and she is amazed by the milestones they have accomplished together both religiously and morally.

Children’s Ministry Assistant (Part-time): Alicia Somers

Alicia Somers is a third-year student at Saint Mary’s University. She is pursing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Certificate in Forensic Science.  She is originally from Ontario, but most of her family is from Nova Scotia, so she considers it like a second home.

Her interests include playing soccer and art. She started working in the Children’s Minister Program at HIPM in September 2018. Though only being here for a year, she has already seen the kids grow up so much and look forward to continuing to help them on their journey.