Lead Pastor: Balan Swaminathan (Founder)

For the past twenty two years Balan worked in India, USA and Canada for various organizations until God called him to serve full-time in April 2013. From childhood onwards, the passion has been to live for Jesus and to do great exploits for His Kingdom. He was introduced to ministry at the age of 18. Since then, he worked with many pastors and ministers of God. Used by God in worship ministry, anointing ministry, prayer ministry, healing ministry and Bible teaching ministry. Balan is currently serving as Senior Pastor in HIPM.  He is a credential holder with the PAOC.  He also holds a Doctor of Ministry (D. Min) Degree from Colorado Theological Seminary, USA.

Call of God to serve full-time

Listen to his testimony that was originally shared at HIPM on Jan 06, 2013.

Ministry areas

  • Bible Teaching
  • Anointing Ministry
  • Healing Ministry
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Church Planting

Hobbies & Other interests

  • Driving
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Meeting new people

Prayer Coordinator: Joy Marylin (Co-founder)

After completing her Master Degree in Physics, Joy continued her education and acquired Bachelor of Education.  She worked as a teacher in couple of schools in India.  God has called her to work among children to care for them and to nurture them in the Word of God.  She obeyed the call of God to intercede and started the prayer conference in the year 2007.  Since then she has been coordinating the prayer activities of HIPM in the prayer conference as well as in the church.  Her passion has been raising prayer warriors, building prayer networks and working among children.  God has been using her in the worship ministry as well as in the ministry of the Word by encouraging believers to meditate on God’s Word.


Prayer Conference Leaders (PCL)

PCLs are ministry leaders responsible for the day to day functioning of the Prayer Conference.  This position involves scheduling, collecting and making the prayer requests available for the intercessors, planning any special prayer events such as fasting prayers, prayer for special needs, introducing new and caring for the existing prayer partners. PCLs are committed to keep vigil over the changing situations in the political, economical, spiritual, social, physical and psychological arena and promote prayer for or against such changes. This intercessory prayer movement is important as the Gospel door may be kept open for “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come”, Matthew 24:14.  

Jeyalatha Chellaa is a Prayer Conference Leader (PCL) from Halifax, NS Canada.

I am Jeyalatha Chellaa. By studying in a Christian School I learned about God and was saved. My son was born premature (7th month) weighed 1.5 kg and by God’s grace he was healthy.  But by the 11th day he was very serious and his weight dropped to 1 kg.  The Doctors lost their hope.  Miraculously he got well by God’s grace.  At that time God made a covenant with me through Joshua 1:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.   At my most confused and troubled situations I read the book of Esther and Ruth.
God’s perfect plan for me

On Sep’2014 we came to Canada. In Halifax we did not find a spiritual church. At that time my spiritual level came down. In the month of Dec’2014 Pastor Balan called us to come to the Gospel meeting. Since then we started going to HIPM Church. Through Joy sister I joined the prayer conference. The Prayer conference has been a blessing for me. This is one of God’s perfect plans concerning me.  I meditated on Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good”. I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

Chithra Devi Palani is a Prayer Conference Leader (PCL) from Augusta, GA USA.

I am Chithra Devi Palani, born in a Hindu family, near Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, India. I knew about Jesus from my school. By the grace of God, I accepted Christ as my Savior through a skit program about Jesus in our village at the age of 11 and received the anointing and spiritual birth at the age of 17. I got married with Manickam Alagar in the year 2009. God gave me an opportunity to finish my Ph.D in Cancer Biology in Germany and then moved to Augusta, GA, USA in the year 2013. We are blessed with a 2 year old girl, Jemimah Patricia Alagar.

God opened the door to Intercede
Our Lord is a great and mighty God. His unconditional love always lead us wonderfully. On 25th June 2013 I lost one of my brother in the accident who’s son was 7 months old at that time in the womb. I was completely broken into pieces. I could not come out of that, I was angry about everything including me and GOD. After that incident, no prayers, no God’s word, no close walk with God. I pushed myself slowly into a life that full of confusions, questions, fears, scary darkness. Then I realized, without my God I cannot do anything. I wanted Him to take control over everything in my life. I wanted to rise my voice and cry unto Him for forgiveness to receive his love and peace. But, I could not open my mouth to prayer…not even a single sentence.
During that suppressed situation, I was thinking in my mind, I need someone to pray for me and my family. In this condition only, God brought me to HIPM ministry through Ms. Ramola Thangiah on March 2016.
Our God is an amazing God. According to Romans 8:28 “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”.
He opened my mouth and kept his words to cry unto him through HIPM prayer conference. Through this ministry God not only opened my mouth to pray for me and my family but also opened a door to pray for many people.
I thank and praise God for the blessings and guidance by his words through the HIPM ministries.