True Christmas is, “Receiving the gift of eternal life by believing in Jesus and asking forgiveness for our sins”. The rest of it is either commercial or religious.Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
If you know your position in Christ, you can handle the devil underfoot.Balan Swaminathan
Prophecy concerning future is useless if you are not sure how to live your "today"Balan Swaminathan
Intercession is not a characteristic of a prayer warrior, intercession is a characteristic of a leader. If God is burdening you to intercede, you are not just called to pray, but you are called to lead. (Life of Moses - Exodus 32:32)Balan Swaminathan

"In the life of a child of God, disappointments are the moments of preparation for a breakthrough"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"Self is walking with free hands, denying self is carrying our cross while walking"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
If you take each step thanking God for what you have, you will walk into your future.Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
Lord, when you move, I stand still. When you stand still, I shall rise and run to you.Balan Swaminathan, HIPM

"It is important to know where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"A church doesn't sanctify itself will allow the filth of the world to pileup and there is no more light emitting from the large pile of trash"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"You are not the only one. Look around, there are many who are walking with the Lord."Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"You can't deny yourself, if you don't love yourself. You can't love your enemy, if you don't love your family. You can't love your God, if you don't love your enemy"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM

"The door of hell is left open in your life. It is a wide door that opens wide enough to swallow up lives into the depths of eternal separation from God Almighty. Only prayer can shut the door for you"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"We are in the hardest place to be in to do the toughest job called 'prayer' at the most crucial moment of our lives as every hour is priced and our whole being is saying don't waste time, get back to work"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"A child of God, even though he or she is discouraged, depressed and downtrodden if still found fasting and praying, God constantly follows with him and reveals His plan and sets him on track again to run for another mile. We know this form the life of Elijah the prophet in 1 Kings Ch.19"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"Faith doesn't tell your destiny, not even the path to reach the destination, all that faith tells you is to start"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM

"People of two different races don't like each other. People of two different countries don't go together well. People of two different languages don't understand each other. But the God of heaven left His celestial abode came down to this earth as He loved such a strange creature like you and me"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
Spiritual Sanitization: "How do you disinfect your soul? Read & Meditate God’s Word. “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You”- Psalm 119:11 "If you do not cross the biblical boundaries, the devil will not enter into the boundaries God has set for your safety"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
If you haven’t accepted Lord Jesus Christ, you lost the heaven. If you haven’t married to the right choice, rest of your life is lost. If you don’t belong to the right church, your spirit is lost. If you are not at the right job, your ability is lost. If you are not with the right friends, your name is lost If you lost everything and there is nothing else to lose, come to Jesus. “Jesus Christ still saves”Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"It is true that still greater time is yet to come, but the ultimate truth is that, now is the best time, so make the best use of it"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM

"Advancing the kingdom of God is the number one priority of those who are called"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"Church is a holy place where unholy people come to see the lives of saints. Not the dead saints, but the living saints"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"The secret of a successful spiritual life is setting up stepping stones of personal commitments to the Lord"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM
"If you do not cross the biblical boundaries, the devil will not enter into the boundaries God has set for your safety"Balan Swaminathan, HIPM