S – Scripture
Open the bible and read the scripture portion for 10 min. Write the reference and the verse that speaks into your life in the journal.

  • To whom the scripture is written?
  • Who are the key individuals in the scripture?
  • What is the overall message?In what way God is revealed in the passage?
  • Memorize or paraphrase the passage

O- Observation
Make observations about what you just read and write them in your journal. What do you think God is saying to you?
Words or phrases repeated or stressed

  • Commands to follow
  • Promises form God
  • List of contrasts
  • Errors to avoid
  • Truths to believe

A – Application
Personalize what you ready by asking how it relates to you. Ask yourself how you can apply that in your own life. How your life will be different if you apply what God is speaking.

  • Things that I should be doing, but not doing
  • Things that I should stop doing
  • How my mind/perspective should change based on what I read
  • How can I make it to benefit someone else

P – Prayer
If God has revealed something, pray about it, confess it if it is a sin and ask help or thank about it. Write down your response to God in your journal

  • Things to pray for God’s help
  • Sins that I need to confess and leave
  • Pray for better understanding in scripture and to grow spiritually
  • Pray for others as God spoke