Sunday Service

Sunday morning service is our main worship service where you get a better idea about our church. We expect visitors for the service. We understand visiting a church for the first time is never an easy process. We want to be as helpful as possible to make your experience good.


Our church is located in a central location accessible by the Halifax Transit from any direction of the city.  You can use Google Transit to find the bus schedule from your location by clicking directions.


We have plenty of parking space on Sunday morning.  One can park anywhere in the parking lot of our neighbor “Scotia Tire”, but certainly without blocking their entrance.

What to expect?

Dress code:

We don’t have a specific dress code.  Wear something that you may feel comfortable with.


Sunday service is a mix of both contemporary and traditional style. For example, we sing hymns as well as modern worship songs. We have live upbeat worship with drums, guitar, bass and electric piano.  We give time for people to settle down and get connected with the Holy Spirit.  There is always a time for the ministry of the Holy Spirit as part of the worship.


Being a small congregation, we listen to the prayer needs and pray for them.


There is a narrow window available for anyone to share a short testimony such as prayers got answered in the previous week.


Every Sunday we open up an opportunity to give to God.  Ushers pass the offering envelope while someone singing a song.  Those who would like to give their offerings and tithes can place cash/cheque in the offering envelope and write the following information on the envelope.  1. First & Last name, 2. Amount, 3. Tithe/Offering/Special Offering, 4. Full postal address. Seal the envelope and walk to the front and place it in the offering basket. We may not be able to issue the receipt at the end of the year if the offering envelope has no postal address.

Kid’s church:

Kids can be sent to the kids church just before the sermon starts.

The sermon:
Communion (Lord’s table):

Holy Communion is observed every first Sunday of the month.  As the Lord has commanded us, participation in communion is greatly encouraged. In order to ensure that communion is approached with proper understanding, only those who are baptized (immersion in water) in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are asked to participate .

After the service: